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Marapaachi Dolls - Tanjore 2

Marapaachi Dolls - Tanjore 2

Marapaachi Dolls - Tanjore 2

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The traditional marapaachi dolls that are adorned in the Tanjore style with pure 22 carat gold foil.  Marapachi bommais are special dolls from Tirupathi, the land of Lord  Venkateshwara. Some explain the word Marapachi as a special kind of wood that has medicinal values and hence the name Marapachi Bommai . Some believe that these dolls were presented to the bride and the groom at the time of marriage as toys for the couple since in the early days, they married rather young! These dolls are also displayed in the Golu during Navarathri time.

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Marapaachi Dolls - Tanjore 2 - Tanjore article-82

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