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Lakshmi, Goddess of wealth and prosperity, consort of Mahavishnu. There are Eight types of Lakshmis, popularly known as Ashtalakshmi. Each Lakshmi signifies or portrays a special characteristic. The Aishwarya Lakshmi is unique because the picture shows gold coins dropping from the left palm of the goddess.



Aishwarya Lakshmi 2

Size:16x20 inches Artist:Master..


Size:14x18 inches Artist:Master..

Andal 3

Size:14x18 inches Artist:Master..

Andal 4

Minimum Size: 30" x 24" Artist: Senior Made to Order only..

Antique Ashtalakshmi Round Panel-6

This is a tanjore painting which is given an antique finish. Artist:Special Antique Artist T..

Antique Lakshmi

This is a tanjore painting which is given an antique finish.   Artist:Special Antiq..


Artist: Senior Size: 18"x24" Made to order..

Ashtalakshmi Glass painting series

This is readily available in sizes with frame in 5x6 inches. It is a set of 8 lakshmis. The individu..

Ashtalakshmi Panel-1

Artist: Senior..

Ashtalakshmi Panel-2

Size:18x24 inches Artist:Master Made to order only..

Ashtalakshmi Panel-3


Ashtalakshmi Panel-4

Size:36 x 10 inches Artist:Master..

Ashtalakshmi Panel-5

Artist: Master Minimum size: 6" x 8" for each Lakshmi Available only on order...

Ashtalakshmi set for pooja door

Artist: Senior Size of each painting: 6"x8" Made to order only..


This is part of the Ashtalakshmi series by our senior artist. Artist: Senior Size: 8"x8" ..

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