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Tanjore Kumkum Box - Rectangle

These are Rectangular Tanjore Kumkum boxes. Size:2 x 3 x 2 inches..

Tanjore Kumkum Box - Sangu

These are Sangu-shaped Tanjore Kumkum  Boxes.   Size: 4inch   Height:..

Tanjore Kumkum Box - Square and Round Small Size

These are small size, kumkum boxes. Size:2x1.5 inches Weight:55 g..

Tanjore Kumkum Box - Star

These are Star-shaped Tanjore Kumkum Boxes.   Size  4.5 ×4.5 inch   H..

Tanjore Mirror 1

A Lovely mirror with Tanjore work done on the edges. Can be customized for all sizes. Artist:Spe..

Tanjore Mirror 1

Size: 4" x 4"..

Tanjore Paper Napkin Holder

Around 6 inches in length and 5 inches in height and around 1,.5 inches gap width for keeping the na..

Tanjore Photo Frames

These are photo frames , the corners /sides embelisshed in the traditional tanjore style with 22 car..

Tanjore Tissue box

Tanjore Tissue  box   Size lenth 10inch          Brea..

Tanjore Umbrella

A regular big umbrella embellished with Tanjore stones. ..

Tanjore Velvet 4 Earring Pouch

This can store 4 earrings. ..

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