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Tanjore Art Since 1988
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Marapaachi Dolls - Tanjore 2

The traditional marapaachi dolls that are adorned in the Tanjore style with pure 22 carat gold foil...

Mudra Mirror

Painting inner size minimum 10x12 inches. mirror is approx 5x6 inches. ..

Mudras other sizes

The bharatanatyam (classical indian dance) dance mudras are shown here in sizes in inches- 6x8, 8x10..

Multipurpose Holder/Organizer - Tanjore 1

Size: 8" x 5"   Height: 5"..

Multipurpose Holder/Organizer - Tanjore 2

Tanjore Multipurpose  Holder Small Size lenth 7.5 inches        &nb..

Musical Instruments-1

Size: 5x6 inches onwards - tabla, mridangam Artist :Senior..

Musical Instruments-2

Here is showcasing the tamboora, violin,veena.  Size:5x6 inches Artist:Senior..

OM symbol

These 4x4 tanjore paintings are framed with a mounted frame with acrylic. Outer size will be 6x6..

Pallankuzhi Fish Shaped

These Fish Shaped pallankuzhis are the closed type pallankuzhis. These have been embellished with 22..

Pallankuzhi Peacock

A beautiful pallankuzhi - shaped like a peacock. This comes with the Tanjore gold work, complete wit..

Paruppu Thenga Tanjore 1

Paruppu thenga with Tanjore Art work on it. Some of the recent designs are shown here.  min..

Paruppu Thenga Tanjore 2

Min Size:1 feet approx. Made to order...

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