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The different powerful forms of Devi.

Face Durga-3

Size:6x8 inches Artist:Master..

Face Durga-4

Size:10x12 inches Artist:Master..

Face Durga-5

Size: 6"X8" Artist: Senior Made to order..

Gayathri Devi

Min size:16x20 inches Artist : Master Made to order..

Gayathri Devi 2

A traditional form - Gayathri Devi with 5 faces.    Size:-From 6/8 inches onwards ..

Gayathri Devi 3

Size : 8x10 inches   Artist : Master..

Goddess Kaveri

Artist: Senior Size: 10"x12" Made to order only. Please kindly  note this painting ..

Kamakshi 2

Size : 12x15 inches   Artist : Senior   Made to order  ..

Kamakshi 3

Size : 8x10 inches   Artist : Master..

Kamakshi with Kanchi Perivar

Artist: Master Size:24x30 Made to order..

Lalithambal 1

Size : 18x24 inches   Artist : Master   Made to order  ..

Lalithambal 2

The same version and artist as Lalithambal 1 Just the colour scheme is a little different. ..

Lalithambal 3

Artist: Senior Size: 10x12 inches Made to order only...


The deity of Siruvachur.  Min size:- 14x18 inches Artist : Master   Made t..

Madurakaliamman 2

Size: 6x8 inches Artist:Senior Made to order only..

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