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Ganesha or elephant god a universally favourite god, remover of all obstacles and worshipped in the beginning of any function or auspicious occasion. There are Ganesha in various poses and forms. Five faced (Pancha mukha) , Three faced (Trimukha) , Uchishta Ganesha, Ganesha with Devi and Ganesha in dancing pose (Nardana Ganesha). Dhrishti Ganesha is in great demand now for it is believed that, one is relieved of negative forces and evil eyes, by placing this Ganesha (Facing north wards) . Apart from this there are 16 types of Ganeshas called Shodasha Ganapathi. 



Ganesha with Umbrella

Min size:6x8 inches..

Ganesha with Umbrella 2

Size : 6x8 inches   Artist : Senior  ..

Pancha Mukha Ganesha 1

Min size:14x18 inches.Made to order basis..

Pancha Mukha Ganesha 2

Min size:6x8 inches.Made to order..

Pancha Mukha Ganesha 3

Size: 8x10 inches Artist: Master..

Musical Ganesha

Can be made from 12x5 inches onwards..

Musical Ganesha Series

These are a series of the every popular Ganesha each playing a different instrument.  When boug..

Hi-Embossed Ganesha

Min size :16x20 inches. Artist:Hi-Emboss Artist Made to order only.  ..

Mandapam Ganesha

Min size:18x24 inches.Made to order only..

Reclining Ganesha

Min size :14x18 inches.Made to order basis..

Dancing Ganesha

Min size:6x8 inches.Made to order basis..

Pillow Ganesha

Can be made in 8x10 inches onwards..

Side Ganesha

Min size :8x10 inches ..

Sleeping Ganesha

Size:12x15 inches Artist:Senior..

Ganesha - Individual Instrument

Ganesha with individual instruments - Tabla, Mridangam,Violin, Tamboora, Nadaswaram Min size:6x8..

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