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Krishna : The " Play boy " according to Hindu mythology, can be depicted in various poses and themes. The most popular in Tanjore paintings is the Butter krishna, which shows baby krishna holding a butter pot and pampered by two Gopis on either side. Yashoda and Baby krishna , Kaliya mardhana krishna dancing on the serpent's head, Radha krishna, Krishna with Bama & Rukmani , Venugopala - Krishna with cows under the holy tree or Punnai Vriksha, Krishna on banyan leaf - more popularly called Vatapatrasayi are some of the apt subjects for Tanjore style paintings.


Butter Krishna-5

Size:10x12 inches Artist:Master..

Butter Krishna-6

Size:12x15 inches Artist:Master..

Butter Krishna-7

Size: 8" x 10" Artist: Senior Made to order..


Size:24x30 inches Artist :Master Made to order only..

Durbar Krishna 3

Size:10 x 12 inches Artist Master..

Face Krishna mounted frame

A 5x7 size face krishna on a mounted frame.Good for bulk orders...

Face Krishna-small

Size : 6x8 inches   Artist : Master..

Geethopadesham 1

This is an 4ftx2ft painting.Made to order only..

Geethopadesham 2

This is min 18x24 inch size painting. Made to order only...

Geethopadesham 3

This painting as is a min size of 24/30 inches.However we can do it in 18/24 with just the main char..

Guruvayoorappan 1

Guruvayoorappan - this single figure is most sought after in the small 6x8 size onwards..

Guruvayoorappan 2

Min size:6x8 inches.Done by Senior artist.Made to order only..

Guruvayoorappan 3

Min size 18x24 inches. Made to order.Done by our Master artist..

Guruvayoorappan 7

Size:10 x 12 inches Artist:Master..

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