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Hanuman or Anjaneya is the embodiment of bhakti or devotion to his master Lord Rama, who granted him immortality. Worshipping Hanuman gives you the strength to overcome obstacles. 

Anjaneya/Hanuman 1

Artist: Master Size: 14"x18" Made to order only..

Anjaneya/Hanuman With Sanjeevani

This will come in sizes 8x10 inches and upwards only. We apologize for the hazy photo here. However ..

Anjaneya/Hanuman With Sanjeevani 2

Size : 8x10 inches   Artist : Master..

Anjaneya/Hanuman With Sanjeevani 3

Size: 8" x 10" Artist: Senior Made to order..

Anjaneya/Hanuman With Sanjeevani 4

Size: 12"x15" Artist: Senior Made to order ..

Anjaneya/Hanuman-Rama& Sita in his chest

Size : 8x10 inches   Artist : Senior  ..

Chanting Anjaneya/Hanuman

Artist: Master Min size for this painting is 10x12 inches. Made to order only..

Pancha Mukha Anjaneya/Hanuman

This is one of the depictions of Hanuman showing the Pancha Mukha or 5 faces representing 5 differen..

Pancha Mukha Anjaneya/Hanuman Sitting

Min size 8x10 inches..Made to order only.Iti s our Master artst's work..

Raghavendra Swamy with Panchamukha Hanuman

Min size:3 feet x 2 feet Artist: Master Made to order only..

Shantha Anjaneya/Hanuman

Min size:8x10 inches.Made to order only..

Dhyana Anjaneya/Hanuman

Min size:8x10 inches.Made to order only..


Min size:8x10 inches.Made to order only.Done by our Master artist..


This is a unique depiction of gods - Half Ganesha / Half Hanuman. This is supposed to symbolize ..

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