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Here are some of the other forms of Vishnu. Balaji and Krishna are the more popularly worshipped forms of Vishnu. 

Ananthapadmanaabha 1

Min size : 4ft x 3ft   Artist:  Master   Made to order..

Ananthapadmanaabha 2

Min size : 4 ft x 3 ft   Artist:  Senior   Made to order..

Balaji Lakshmi - Big panel

Min size : 3.5 ft x 2.5 ft Artist : Master,it can be done by our Senior artist also..


This is a 8x10 inches painting.   Size: 6x8 inches onwards   Artist:Senior..

Customized Dasavatharam

This was done for a customer,size 7x9 inches each..

Dasavataram series

Min Size : 5x5 inches. Artist :Senior Made to order only    ..


This is an avatar of Vishnu and is considered the god of health. He is believed to be holding the po..


This form of dhanvantri shows the god with the ayurveda book in hand, the medicinal herbs and the po..


This is yet another form of Dhanvantri.  Min size :10x12 inches   Artist: ..


Size : 6x8 inches   Artist : Master..


Size : 8x10 inches   Artist : Master..


Artist: Senior Size: 6"x8" Made to order  ..

Guruvayoorappan 3

Min size 18x24 inches. Made to order.Done by our Master artist..

Guruvayoorappan 4

Min size :10x12 inches   Artist:  Senior   Made to order..

Guruvayoorappan 5

Size : 6x8 inches   Artist : Master  ..

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