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Tanjore Art Since 1988
Gallery at Eldams Road, Chennai | Paintings Framed & Ready to Ship | All products can be custom-made

Below ₹500

Tanjore Kumkum Box - Rectangle

These are Rectangular Tanjore Kumkum boxes. Size:2 x 3 x 2 inches..

Tanjore Kumkum Box - Square and Round Small Size

These are small size, kumkum boxes. Size:2x1.5 inches Weight:55 g..

Tanjore Velvet Single Pair Bangle Box 1

These bangle boxes are square shaped...

Tanjore wooden pen

This is a lovely wooden pen , embellished with tanjore gold work. These are limited stock only. ..

Temple Jewellery Keychain 1

Size: 5.5"   Weight: 20g..

Temple Jewellery Keychain 2

Size: 5.5"   Weight: 20g..

Warli Box

Size: 4" x 4" Height: 3"..

Warli Flower Coasters

Comes as a set of 5..

Warli Penstand

Size: 4" x 3" Height: 4"..

Warli Square Coasters

Size:4x4 inches Weight:20g..

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