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Mirror work

Paruppu Thenga Tanjore Mirror Big

Size: Height: 7.5" Weight: 200g each..

Paruppu Thenga Tanjore Mirror Small

Size: 5.5" height Weight: 120g each..

Tanjore Mirror Work Chandan Pela

Size: Height: 2.5" Diameter: 3.5" Weight: 90g each..

Tanjore Mirror Work Kalasam with Five leaves

Size:4.5" height Diameter: 2" Weight:270g each..

Tanjore Mirror Work Kumkum Box

Size: 3.5" Height Weight: 125g each..

Tanjore Mirror Work Paneer Sombu

Size: Height: 9" Weight: 220g..

Tanjore Mirror Work Rectangle Tray

Size- 14.5" x 12" Weight-- 900g..

Tanjore Mirror Work Round Tray

Size- 13.5" Weight:620g..

Tanjore Mirror Work Tumbler

Size: 4.5" Weight-155g..

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