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Tanjore DIY kit

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Tanjore DIY Kit Details

Our standard tanjore kit (which is always readily available) includes the below items. You can c..

Kit line drawings-Sample Ganesha

This is the line drawing set. This is part of the Tanjore DIY kit but can also be purchased separate..

Andal sketch for Kit

This is of size 8x10..

Annam Sketch for Kit

Annam sketch ..

Extra Materials

These are extra materials that can be bought separately or comes along with the Tanjore DIY kit..

Gold foil

Size: 4"×3"..

Krishna Sketch for Kit

This is the Krishna Sketch that comes with the Kit...

Prepared Plain Board

This is a plain prepared board. These can be done in any size. standard sizes are 6x8, 8x10, 10x12..

Prepared Tanjore Boards with Mug work-6x8

Such a convenience for those who want to learn and do more of this art later in the comfort of their..

Prepared Tanjore Boards with Mug work-8x10

These are 8x10 inches prepared boards...

Ganesha Sketch for Kit

These is the ganesha sketch for the kit..

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