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International Shipping

Kindly specify the exact date you would like to take delivery of the product. 
Please note that we work around these dates and hence once the product comes in from our units,  we will not able to store these in our gallery for more than 2 working days owing to lack of space and a weekly fumigation routine
International Shipping:
Saranam Logistics - (Mr.Vijaykumar)
IMPORTANT NOTE: Once the item is collected from CHAYA , it is taken to the shipping office & it is packed and weighed. If the customer at this time of the process, decides they dont want this shipping option, they would still need pay for the packing charges (as mentioned on the email) & local transport charges of Rs. 300 back to the gallery. 
Please note that as per new international shipping norms, Magnets cannot be shipped out of the country. 
In case it is difficult to make an online transfer for shipping, the shipping partner will be happy to accept cheque or cash. *Please note, Cheque is subject to clearing.
For those who dont have a bank account in India, please see our payment link for all other options. 

(*Please note while we recommend our logistics partner with whom we work regularly, you are also welcome to go with any shipping company if you find better rates. Like we work with our shipping partner, Our only condition is, your chosen courier will need to pick up the painting from CHAYA as is, pack and send this to you safely. We are not equipped to undertake any packing whatsoever and we will not be responsible for any damages once it leaves our gallery premises as well. Shipping coordination will be only with you directly once it leaves our gallery premises. Thank you for your cooperation )

Some FAQ's

1.How long will my shipment take to come?
Generally to the USA, it takes anywhere between 3 - 6 business days. Within India, around 2 business days and other countries the same as USA.
2. Will my shipment arrive safely? 
Rest assured, the courier people we use, may be a bit more expensive, but they do a very good job of packing and reaching the customer place on time and intact. Please do read our testimonials to prove the same as well. We do shipments to USA, Europe and Asia on a very regular basis. 
3. What if there is breakage during the shipment? Do we need to insure the same?
CHAYA uses wooden frames + only acrylic (flexi glass) to frame most pictures except for the antique pictures that are already framed in glass. Flexi glass- while is not easily breakable, care needs to be taken to ensure it does not get scratched. We have sent upto 40 kgs of big tanjore paintings to the USA, during the Christmas holidays, where there is always a rush and the weather is cold. There has been no problem. However, everything is a case by case basis. If there is some breakage, we can always try and work things out to get the best possible solution. We have a good relationship with our courier partners. PLEASE NOTE: Just so we there is complete accountibility, please make sure pictures or a video is taken during the unpacking of the items received from Chaya. Also please kindly note that, We will not accept pictures taken after the unpacking is fully done and the packing has been discarded. There have been cases, where the items were damaged later and the shipping partners were held accountable. Hence, we kindly request your cooperation in this regard. Thank you. 
However if you are really concerned, then it would be best to insure this so we can then claim any damages. We definetely recommend insuring the shipment for all high value items (say over Rs.50000), 


DHL International Rates

DHL workings hours 10 am to 12 pm.All connections will be accordingly ..

Fedex International Rates

FedEx working hours 3 pm to 6 pm.All connections will be accordingly..

Our Packing Process

We do a maximum of 4 tanjore paintings only per packing. We place a thermocol sheet between each pai..

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